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The Noda Fresh Produce Supply Chain Optimization Platform

The Noda platform enhances the fruit industry’s supply chain through advanced technology, optimizing key operations from the field, through the supply chain to the market. It equips users with a robust data platform for smarter decision-making, supported by predictive estimations, strategic farming practices, and real-time monitoring. Designed for user-friendly simplicity, the platform operates seamlessly offline in remote locations. Noda includes comprehensive tools for fleet tracking, harvest management, packing optimizations, quality control, market demand, and stock management, all aimed at simplifying tasks and boosting profitability.

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Noda Hub serves as the cornerstone of the Noda Tech ecosystem. The system provides a single location for businesses to capture and store data, as well as generate reports that can be easily accessed and analysed.


  • Master Data Management
  • User Management
  • Reporting
  • Dashboard
  • Integration

Fleet management oversees every aspect of your fleet, from fuel management to services. It serves as a platform that enables businesses to monitor and manage their fuel usage effectively. It also streamlines the process of tax rebates.


  • Fuel/Efficiency Tracking
  • Fuel Purchases
  • TAX Rebates Template Export
  • Fleet Master Data Management
  • Service/License Management
  • Logbook
  • Budget Management

Harvest Manager includes all aspects in the supply chain from harvest to the packhouse/point of processing, addressing risk mitigation, efficient tracking of empty bins, and planning.


  • Harvest Supply Chain Tracking
  • Harvest/Drench & QC
  • Transport
  • Packhouse Management
  • Instructions & Planning
  • Empty Bin Tracking

The Estimator system facilitates seasonal yield forecasting and ongoing progress tracking throughout the season, empowering users to visualize the variance between forecasted outcomes and actual results.


  • Yield Forecast/Tracking
  • In-Field Digital Sizing
  • In-Field Volume Prediction
  • Quality Prediction
  • Exporter Data Management
  • Budget Management
  • Data integration with estimation applications

The Packer system centralizes management of packing/processing of products by integrating supply and demand information to optimize product allocation and improve efficiency. Additionally, the app includes a comprehensive quality control monitoring system incorporating product specifications.


  • Market Demand Management
  • Supply Chain Planning & Optimization
  • Real-Time Order Tracking
  • Packing Specifications Management
  • QC Management

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